The ToDo Game changed the way our family worked. Less time gazing at screens, and more time playing, exploring and getting the giggles! It really transformed our time together so we were sure other families would love it too. And that's why we invented The ToDo Game.

An award-winning, smart parenting tool, helping families to spend a little more quality time together free from digital distractions. You don't need to be lucky or talented to play. There are no right or wrong answers, winners or losers. It's simply about having a go, laughing and learning. Together. Perfect gifts for the whole family.

Card of the Week!

Each week we'll be uploading selected activities from our range. Looking for quick ideas for a family game or a screen free family activity? Be inspired here!

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Customer Reviews

Bought this for the 2nd birthday of a daughter of someone in our extended family. They've already tried some of the activities (Great Outdoors) & she loved it!

"My kids are genuinely in love with them! They've brought them over to me at least 20 times in the past 2 days to play!"

"Unlike some of the other games around, it's different every time. We love the screen free quality time it offers. Lots of ideas and activities in one box."