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From our Toddler Edition
A great way for little ones to learn about cause and effect, and keep them engaged for ages! (Under supervision!) give your toddler to various items to place into a bowl of water, letting them test which ones sink and which ones float. Once they have tried a few times, try and get them to guess what the outcome will be beforehand. This one is a winner!
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From our Family Edition
Dad makes the starter. Kids make the main course. Mom makes dessert. Everyone leaves the washing up til the next day. (We'd make pizza with chocolate and marshmallow topping, too, if we were kids!)
From our Family Edition

Turn off the TV, the lights, laptops and phones. Put a picnic basket together full of snacks and goodies, clear the living room, roll out your sleeping bags, and set up camp for the night. Pitch your makeshift tents and eat dinner by flashlight before sleeping out together under the indoor stars!

From our Baby Edition
Babies love, love, love music! And if the can make up their own even better!
If you don't have any musical instruments of your own don't worry. You can always use household items to help them learn how to make sounds. Of course you can use a wooden spoon and pot as a drum, but you can also use elastic bands stretched over containers as guitars, or half fill plastic bottles with rice and give your little one their very own maracas to play with!
From our Family Edition
It's a drawing competition. Kind of. Each person in the family has 20 minutes to draw the other person as they see them. Grab some pens, pencils and paper for personalized portraits! At the end of the 20 minutes it's time to reveal all. You can select a winner if you like, but if it's a tie, the deciding factor is whoever can draw a cat best in 15 seconds...with their eyes closed.