How to Play

The ToDo Game is super easy to play! There’s no complex rule book and no right or wrong answers. You just simply pick a card at random out of the box and follow the instructions on the card. Each activity lasts from 20 minutes to an hour so it can be played on a weeknight, after, school, or work. It's not a big commitment of time, but the results are hugely rewarding!

What is it?

The ToDo Game is a collection of creative, fun, screen-free activities for families to do together.

What’s the age group?

The Baby Edition was designed for newborns through age 2. The Toddler Edition is suited for families with younger children between 2-4. The Family Edition is ideal for families with children between 5-13 years old. And the Couples Edition is perfect for adults of any age!

Who is the target audience?

The WeDo Game is the perfect Gift for Mom, Dad, the kids, or even the whole family! The Austrailian version won Best Gift in the GALA awards 2017. It’s a new way of saying "thank you" that isn’t a bottle of wine or bunch of flowers. It’s also a must to pack if you're hitting the road – especially if you're heading somewhere where the WiFi may be spotty!

Why it was created?

A few years ago, my Aussie friends’ daughter would come home from school, switch on the TV or ipad...and her parents would hardly see or hear from her for the rest of the night. They were also getting home from work and struggling to put their smart phones and laptops away. They created ToDo as a way of forcing themselves to disconnect from their screens, reconnect, and spend more quality time with each other. When COVID-19 struck and our family of four suddenly became overly-tied to our digital devices, we knew ToDo would be a great way to power-down and reconnect as a family. We’re delighted to bring ToDo to the US, and hope families across the country will find it as fun and helpful as we have!

What sorts of activities can we expect?

There are 30 different activities included in every box. The Game’s inventor, Dave, is a teacher, so there’s an educational element that has been woven throughout. Family Edition activities are really designed to stimulate imaginative and creative play while prompting meaningful conversations between parents and their kids. Toddler Edition activities have been crafted to help young families connect through shared experiences, promote development across key areas of childhood growth, and stimulate learning in the same imaginative, creative, and fun ways that you’ll see in the Family Edition! And the Baby Edition focuses on helping new families bond with their little one as they learn to know and love the world around them.

Wholesale Option (How that works)

The Wholesale Option is specifically for retailers or corporations wishing to buy our game in bulk to resell or provide as a corporate gift. Please send us an email to discuss how you can receive wholesale pricing through our website. Please note: minimum order quantities apply to all wholesale sales.

Interested in Corporate Gifting?

Really any company that wishes to align themselves to family values would be a perfect fit for our game. It’s a great employee gift at Christmas time when families are supposed to be switching off and spending more time together.
We’ve had great success with Real Estate Agents who are buying the game as a welcome home gift for their clients. The same thinking applies to boat and car dealers working with families. If you’re looking for a creative way to support your clients and employees—and their families—we’re here to help.