Healthy Screen Use

Healthy Screen Use

Healthy Screen Use

Many people ask us if we're a screen free family. The answer is always a definitive no! We are though, conscious of our screen use, and prefer to work towards healthy screen use - using technology in balanced and positive ways.

We understand, life is busy, as a society we're never out of the office, there's someone to wish Happy Birthday to on Facebook, and there's cute dogs to look at on Insta. However, being conscious about screen use, and forming good habits, which significantly, shape our children's, is key.

Healthy screen use is about what you use your screens for, when you choose to use them, and how much time you spend using them. It’s also about getting a healthy mix of work, social, leisure and digital activities into your life.

Our screen use choices can have positive influences on our children's attitudes to screens. They develop healthy screen use habits when they see us and their other key role models using screens in healthy, balanced ways.

We can have this kind of influence by allocating regular, screen-free time for your own activities and family activities. This sends our children key messages:

  • There are many ways to entertain yourself, relax and have fun – not all of them involve screens.
  • Family time is one of the most important ways to spend time.

To grow and thrive, our children need engaging and responsive interactions with their parents. Screens often get in the way of these kinds of interactions – for example, if parents interrupt conversations with children to check text messages. It’s great if we can put our devices aside and really focus on what’s important.

Similarly, setting aside phone-free time each day to be ‘in the moment’ is important, and charge your devices overnight in a family area - teach your child to do the same.

All quick and easily adoptable tips to promote healthy screen use!