Smart Tips

We’re not experts. We’re just regular parents like you who have done a lot of research on how to ensure we manage our family's screen-time, safely.

Here are a few of the best tips we’ve discovered along the way:

  • Set Boundaries for how much time is spent in front of screens – this goes for everyone – not just the kids!
  • Identify Screen-free areas in your home (eg. The dinner table, bedrooms) and make sure everyone adheres to it – that means you too Mom and Dad!
  • Remember the old stranger danger safety messaging from when we were kids? The same principals apply online… Talk with your kids about not sharing their personal information with or engaging with people they don’t know when online.
  • Talk with your kids about “bullying” – what it means how it manifests in the playground and what to do about. Take this conversation a step further to then discuss Cyberbullying and highlight that, regardless of whether It takes place on the playground or from behind a screen, it’s the same thing, has the same detrimental impacts, and similar actions should be taken to stop it.
  • Find fun activities to do together as a family to reconnect and spend some quality time together – Playing The WeDo Game is one option of course! Or grab a ball and head outdoors!