How Educational Psychologists Use The ToDo Game

How Educational Psychologists Use The ToDo Game

How Educational Psychologists Use The ToDo Game

Dr Kathy Bekavac, Educational and Developmental Psychologist for Scope Psychology Services approached us to discuss how she and her fellow psychologists utilize our game in their therapy sessions. Dr Kathy is a huge advocate for The ToDo Game, frequently using it to help establish trust and a connection with clients, as well as offering it to parents via Scope’s sister-site Educational Toys Online.

We asked Dr Kathy why she thinks The ToDo Game is great and what her go-to activities are:

Why do you like The ToDo Game?

“2020 and 2021 were years that families had to respond to change and turmoil, hopefully using their creativity, problem-solving skills and their sense of humor. The ToDo Game puts the creative thought process of the whole family into practice. Creative thinking and problem solving are key competencies that allow us to remain flexible and provide us with the capacity to respond to opportunities and challenges that are part of our complex and changing world.

Engaging in play is healthy for all ages and is something that is often overlooked by adults. Play and creativity add much needed joy to the family unit, relieving stress and strengthening the connection between family members - and The ToDo Game offers exactly this! The educational psychologists at Scope Psychology Services need to build trust and establish a connection with children quickly, and this game serves as a fantastic bridge to do so.

I make use of it all the time, in both family workshops and therapy with individual clients. Doing one of the creative activities can help me to engage a child's mind and establish the foundation for a connection. Sharing a bit of fun and laughter together before a session builds a sense of trust and rapport between a psychologist and a child.

It's not just great for the kids too, it's also great for parents. The amount of creativity and play that The ToDo Game inspires is stress relieving, and the fun triggers the release of endorphins to make you feel great and promote your own sense of wellbeing. Creativity helps develop a social bond between parent and child: verbal communication, body language, boundaries, cooperation and teamwork. All things so easily achieved through play!"

What are your favorite activities to do?

My Vision Board

“In this activity, each family member creates a collage of words and images that describes their vision for the future, then shares it with the group, describing how they will get there. I like to adjust the time frame to suit the audience and often provide stickers and craft materials so that the presentations are easy to create for everyone. It’s such a wonderful activity and gives so much hope for the future.”

Snap Happy

“This activity involved getting the kids outside, which is always great! Everyone grabs a camera and completes a treasure hunt for different photos. Thank goodness for mobile phones, which makes this activity easy to do wherever you are. It's especially essential for the family to come together after they’ve collected all of their photos to share their experiences and get the most social benefit from the activity.”

The Interview

“This is often a go-to activity because it’s so quick to do - great for when you’ve not got too much time! Each family member comes up with a dream job and the rest of the family forms an interview panel to ask them questions. It’s a fun and optimistic way to think about the future, and the mock interviews make for great practice for adults and children. Fun, fun, fun!”

You can buy The ToDo Game in Family Edition, Toddler Edition, Baby Edition or Couples Edition on our online store. All available now!